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Ozone Window Films

Here at Window Tint Warehouse we understand that window tinting is a highly competitive industry. Which is why over the last decade we have been researching and trailing window films not only best suited for Australian conditions, but films which are easy for installers to work with and films that provide 100% customer satisfaction.

As the sole distributors of the Australian owned brand Ozone Window Films based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD we offer a complete range of window films manufactured in the USA and Korea. We stock a full range of window films for residential, commercial or automotive window tinter and safety/security films. All our films are backed with a life time manufactures warranty to put your mind at ease.

Energy Efficient Tinting is our thriving sister company operating also in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, specialising in Commercial & Residential tinting. Our trusted and reputable installation team have been servicing the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gympie and Hervey Bay regions successfully since 2008.

Here at Window Tint Warehouse our goal is to provide a high quality product, along with superior customer service and quick delivery, empowering window tinters’ grow their window tinting businesses.

Please email us at info@windowtintwarehouse.com.au or call 1800 852 640 for your free samples book.

Nano Ceramics

Ceramics are tough and stable materials allowing the film to have neither dyed nor metallised properties. Our Nano-ceramic films are created when a thin layer of ceramic is coated onto the film. This ceramic coating enables the film to reject more heat, be extremely durable and metal free, compared to traditional film products.

Product Features

  • Superior heat reduction
  • Lowest degree of visible reflectivity
  • Heat-shielding capability continues to be highly sustained after 10 years
  • Higher optical clarity and visible light transmission
  • Non-interference with electronic devices, GPS signals and aerial antennas
  • Non-fading

Sputtering technology

Metallised window films have been developed to achieve better balance between cost and solar protection properties for glazing. The metals are coated onto the film by sputtered E- Beam deposition or a sputtering process which takes place in a vacuum chamber.  The blast of ions dislodges groups of atoms in short bursts and spreads them evenly across the film’s surface.

Product Features

  • Extremely high solar heat control and UV reduction
  • Porous structure allows mounting solutions to evaporate easily
  • Reduced haziness period once applied & quicker dry out time
  • Minimal mirror effect, colour shifting, and heat absorption
  • Extremely light film