Security & Safety Film

Security & Safety Film

The Clear Safe range are made of a thick polyester film,  specially formulated with thick pressure sensitive adhesive resulting in improved bonding to glass surfaces. The films’ primary purpose is to reduce damage or impact from shattered glass during an accident. The high resilient and durability properties create a superior security film with extra strength making them the ideal option to protect homes, offices and schools from potential break-ins or damage.



  • Superior safety enhancement
  • Reduces damage from broken/shattered glass
  • Superior security film
  • The Apollo Safe range offer a tinted safety film option
Specifications Apollo Safe 75 – 4 MIL Apollo Safe 60 – 4 MIL Clear Safe  4 MIL

Clear Safe 7 MIL

Visual Light Transmission 75% 60% 87% 85%
Visible Light Reflectance 7% 6% 7% 7%
Total Solar Energy Rejected 33% 57% 17% 17%
Ultraviolet Reduction 99% 99% 99% 99%
Tensile Strength >24000 psi >24000 psi >24000 psi >24000 psi
Elongation at Break >100% >100% >100% >100%
Peel Strength >2650g/in >2650g/in >2650g/in >2650g/in
Break Strength 128lbs/in 133lbs/in 128lbs/in 200lbs/in
Puncture Strength 90lbs 97lbs 90lbs 139lbs
Thickness 100Microns 100Microns 100Microns 175Microns

**The data of our window films performance are measured as part of ISO9001:2008 requirements. The values presented above are the mean of the data collected during routine quality control for comparison purposes and may vary with different production batches.